Lynda Hickey, Education Director

I have been married for over 25 years to my husband John, and we have three wonderful children: Daniel, Jessica, and Allyson. I found St. Stephen’s when we moved to Colchester in 1998 and began attending with my children. Shortly thereafter, I began volunteering in the Sunday School program as a teacher. I have always enjoyed being around children and youth and it brings my heart great joy to share the love of God with all ages, especially children.

When the Christian Education Director stepped down in 2003, I volunteered to oversee the direction of the Sunday School program and curriculum for three years. I was then officially hired after a brief leave of absence, as the Christian Education Director in November of 2007.
My current full-time job is as a Counseling Department Administrative Assistant in a Magnet school.
I absolutely love the diverse atmosphere there and enjoy spending my time among the students. Prior to that I worked as an Administrative Assistant to a Financial Adviser for 19 years.

I was raised by a Southern Baptist Father and an Italian Episcopal Mother. This made quite the interesting household where faith and love were very strong foundations of our family, and shaped my own faith and love for others. My father was an extremely generous man who was raised in a humble home and the oldest of five children. My mother loved to host any number of family and friends and always had an open door to those who might not have family around. I have 3 brothers, and our family is quite the “blended family”. My oldest brother is my step brother, my middle brother and I were adopted from different families, and my youngest brother was born to my parents. I think growing up with these set of values combined with the openness of our different paths helped me to form the person I am today. I truly value relationships and family. I have an open heart and mind to all people and enjoy showing kindness and compassion to others.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the beach, gardening, and seeing new places.